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For over 20 years, Peter Lang, CPA has worked with interior designers to help with their financial and tax needs. This 50+ page guide covers the 9 more important financial topics that every interior design business must be successful at to maximize their profit.  Peter gives advice on how to choose the right financial team, how you can quickly calculate how much money you truly have for operating and personal uses, as well as if it is the right time to find the next perfect employee for your business.  


  •  A step-by-step guide to ensure you have mastered the financial processes that the most profitable interior design firms follow 

  •  Gain confidence to assist with your financial team to ensure maximum profit in your business

  •  How to comply, plan, and save on the different tax obligations of your interior design business

  •  9 chapters (over 50 pages) of content ranging from choosing the right software to tax savings ideas 

  •   Advice on how to choose the right individuals for your financial team from a CPA that only works with interior designers 

  •  A calculation on how to allocate your cash flow and budget for the future properly 

  • A step-by-step process to determine if now is the right time to add a new employee to your interior design firm 

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